See the Kinds Of S.e.x Positions Every Woman Enjoys, But Won’t tell You

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Sometimes, it is not just about what you do in the bedroom, but how you do it. Sure, you might be well versed on the perfect se.x positions, but they will do no help if you do not understand what kind of se.x will blow her away…
Below we will take you on tutorial section on how to blow your woman’s mind in just 8 simple moves!!.. Continue Reading below..            1.

The Cat..
Great for… Female orga’sm – great for women who don’t usually come during s.e.x.
How does The Cat work? The man lies on top in the same way as the normal missionary position and enters the woman, but then he moves his body up the woman slowly, until he’s as high as he can get without hurting himself. Then, instead of thrusting, he grinds into you slowly in small circles. This is great for the woman, because her cl!toris is being stimulated by the base of hispen!s.This position is also known as the Coital Alignment Technique ( where the cat name comes from) and is recommended by lots of s.e.x experts, including our own Christine Webber!
The turn-ons It’s almost guaranteed to give a woman a very deep, satisfyingorga’sm.The turn-offsIt relies on the man keeping up this slow movements and, let’s face it, we know he wants to move far more energetically than that normally.
‘Everyone’s going crazy for this s.e.x position! Apparently it was on TV in the US as the best position for an orga;sm..

The Bridge

Great for… Your fella

How does it work? You start by sitting on him and then, using your hands to steady yourself, you lift one leg over your body and turn sideways. Give a few thrusts in between and then keep turning until your facing away from him.

The turn-ons He gets a unique co.rkscrew sensation and you get to be in control, which is always more fun, we think.
The turn-offs It can actually be quite tricky to move around over the man’s legs..

Legs on Shoulders

Great for… The more flexible woman

How does it work? You simply lie on your back and he kneels between your legs. Then you simply lift your legs onto his shoulders.

The turn-ons: He can touch you everywhere and you can move at whatever speed you want. 

The turn-offs: You have to be able to get your legs up there and then you don’t really do much, because otherwise it might stretch you too much.

Dirty Dancing

Great for… Both of you

How does it work? Forget about the bedroom, this position can be done almost anywhere. And if you need more support you can do it on a desk or other solid surface.The man needs to lean back on a wall facing the woman, holding her. The woman straddles the man and can use one leg hooked around his legs or hips for balance. Both of you rock together rather than just the man thrust!ng.

The turn-ons: He gets great access to your b.o.o.b.s, you’ll both feel really close and you can control how deep he goes and how much cl!toral stimulation you get. Plus, this is a great position for a quickie.

The turn-offs: He needs to keep steady and have something strong to lean against or hold on to. If you’re very different heights one of you may need something to stand on or hold on to. 


Back Bend


Great for… Your fella

How does it work? Lie on the bed with your legs over the edge and shift forward till your b.u.m is also off the end. Now get your man to kneel in front of you and penitrate you. Now you need to push up on your toes and get arch your back and get him to hold your b.u.m and begin to thrust. Standing on your toes will heighten your orgsm.
The turn-ons: You should like it, because not only do you have very little to do, but he should hit your G-sp0t.
The turn-offs: He may find that it’s a little tiring, so make sure you’re both very turned on before your start.



The Shoulder Stand

Great for… You – You’ll get deep pinetration and an amazing org@sm.

How does it work? You lie on your back and he kneels in front you. Wrap you legs around him and let him lift you up so he can enter you. He supports you with one arm under your back while you put the weight on your shoulders, as he thr.usts in and out of you.

The turn ons: This position’s all about you. By arching your back, he’s more likely to hit your G-sp0t and give you a brilliant org@sm.

The turn offs: He is holding some of your weight, so depending on the size of his b!ceps, he might get a little tired and have to put you down.

Difficulty rating: 3/5 He needs to be strong enough to hold you till you cl!max.

Fun rating: 4/5 You’ll be trying to arch your back in every position once you’ve tried this.

TV Dinner

Great for… @ral pleasure for you and fast s.e.x

How does it work? Sit on a chair or your sofa and scoot forward so you’re sitting fairly close to the edge. Now get your fella to kneel in front of you between your legs and slowly sl!de into you. Now he can grab your thighs and you can pull him onto you by his waist or b.u.m. Things can get very fast and furious very quickly.

The turn-ons You should like it, because he can use his m@uth on you first, before you reach a fast, powerful @rgasm together.
The turn-offs You may need to wriggle around a bit to make sure you’re both in the right position..
Thanks For Reading… More Posts To Come..


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