See The Easiest Way Of Catching A Cheating Woman

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In the dating jungle, people lie all the time.
However, depending on how skilled they are, it can be difficult to determine when someone is lying to you. Do you know how to recognise the signs that someone is lying to you Yours truly and Frao were taken through a ‘Detect-A- Liar crash course’, by a psychologist over a drink. The good psychologists claimed that some of the signs are obvious while others are more subliminal, but there are ways to catch someone in a lie, you just need to know what they are.   
A person who is lying to you won’t make eye contact with you or they make too much eye contact. 
I believe many men have faced this situation in the course of their love life. According to the psychologist, women are the best liars!  When women are lying and they notice you are suspicious, they always look down at the floor or away from your eyes. Some try to stare you in the face in a deliberate way because they feel like making eye contact will make what they are sayings more believable.  Liars avoid using contractions. However, I believe men, too, use the same strategies to lie. And when you corner a liar, especially a woman, they always ask a question like, “where did you get that information” while they try to back pedal and come up with an explanation for your question.  
Blink rapidly 
Liars adopt weird body language. Liars often fidget, turn away from the person to whom they are speaking, blink rapidly, smile less and have pitch changes in their tone of voice.

They may cross their arms which is a sign of being “closed” or trying not to reveal too much information. Sometimes people fidget excessively when they are lying. They could fidget with a part of their body or touch parts of their face, an ear or a nose or play with keys or another item that they have in their hand. Women who lie provide additional information without being asked for it. They seem to think that by embellishing their story you will find it more believable. What happens, unfortunately, is they tend to make the story more complicated and less believable. 

The more elaborate the story, the more likely that it is a fabrication and nothing near the truth.

A person who is telling a lie will get defensive. They will do everything in their power to deflect your attention away from themselves. And will get angry that you are questioning their innocence. People who are telling the truth tend to go the opposite way, and go on the offense.  

Change subject

This will become obvious to you when you are trying to have a conversation with a person and they try to change the subject or move the conversation in a different direction. If a person is lying they tend to over-embellish insignificant details while avoiding important ones. Frao does this all the time. His stories are mysterious as they tend to be deep where they shouldn’t and shallow where they should have more information. The psychologist said this, I shot Frao a look and he looked down and I knew I had nailed the bugger! So gentlemen, please learn to detect a liar early enough so that you can then detach yourself from her, before you invest a life’s saving in the stranger.


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