$ex Story: How I Sle'pt With A Ghost During Christmas Period (TRUE STORY)

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I don't even know where to start from. Still found it difficult to understand how I finally end up sleeping with a ghost. I feel so ashamed, knowing fully well that am an evangelist, called by GOD to preach the gospel. How do I go about now preaching on the street? But before you condemn me, you can at least here my own side of the story.
Am an anointed e
vangelist who do preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. I guess those demons must be laughing at me now?. I was full of fire and zeal for the things of God. Then I lost my job suddenly and my finance was crippled. Those that I help forsook me entirely and those that promised to help me now regards me as their worst enemy. Even my own family abandoned me to my fate. i was emotionally off balance and my prayer life dwindle to non-existence.
It was at this point in my life that a met that pretty girl. The prettiest thing I have seen so far. Everything about her was perfect. Legs perfect. back side perfect. Front side perfect. She was just naturally endowed from hair to toes. I met her on my way down from the prayer mountain where I have spent the last couples of hours asking GOD why why why why!!!!. She smiled at me and greeted me with the sweetest voice that I have ever heard. There was nobody on that mountain since it was xmas period. It was just me and she sitting down on a log of wood and discussing about God. It baffles me that a pretty girl like this that should be jumping from one man to another during this xmas period would rather choose to be with God in this isolated mountain. I felt so at home around her, and  within few minutes of our discussion it seems to me as if I have known her for many years. She can quote the bible from genesis to revelation. I found myself telling her the calamities that have befallen me so far.

She encourage me not to give up on GOD, but to press on to the finish line like apostle Paul rightly said in the book of Galatians. This girl must be heaven sent, I found myself reasoning. She must be the answer to my prayers, I smiled sheepishly. Am going to marry this girl. She must be my real wife who God wants me to marry. That must be the reason why God arranged for us to meet on a prayer mountain. And once we get married, my door of success will open once again. I found my self-day dreaming about all this. GOD is really wonderful, I reasoned. She kept on encouraging me, backing up her word of advice with bible quotations. We exchanged phone number and the next day I visited her as promised. It was a storey building and every other tenants have all travelled to their respective village for the festive period celebration. She was the only one in the entire building. She later told me that she decided not to travel so as to spend more time with GOD in a quiet place and to enhance her prayer life. She went ahead to tell me that she was a virgin and have made a covenant with God to keep her virginity until her wedding night.

This last statement swept me completely off my feet and I fell completely in love with her instantly. That was how I started spending most time at her place during the Christmas period. We will discuss about GOD, about living a sinless life and the authority in speaking in tongue. She can pray in tongue for a whole one hour. I was so grateful to GOD for giving me a God fearing and spirit filled wife-to-be. I didn't waste time in proposing marriage to her and she accepted. Our relationship was purely holy so far and will remain holy until our wedding night. She used to buy a lot of things for me and also lots of cash whenever am leaving. Then one night she told me that she haven't kiss before and would love to know how it feels like since we would be getting married soon. I saw nothing wrong with it since she is holy and am also holy.

Apart from that, we are getting married soon.so that was how we started kissing on a daily, hourly, minute and second's basis. I wouldn't lie to you, I enjoyed every seconds of the kissing. Then one day she told me while we were kissing that she's a virgin and haven't seen how a mature male organ look like. There's nothing wrong in seeing it since we are getting married soon. She just want to see how it look like. We are not going to have se.x since that is sin before GOD. She went for my zippers and brought out my already erect and bursting male organ and started stroking it. That was when I lost total control of myself. I didn't even remembered that there was someone or somebody called GOD. And that was how I slept with her .the next day we tried to convince our self and God that we are only flesh and blood and that it's not sin since we are getting married soon. So that was how we continued having se.x on a daily, hourly, minute and seconds basis. Then suddenly whenever I tried her phone number it was always switched off. I kept on going to her house but the door was always locked. Maybe she lost her phone?. Maybe she forgot to tell me that she was traveling?. Maybe she lost her phone and there is no means of her telling me that something came up urgently?. Maybe maybe maybe maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So I decided to go to her house yesterday when am sure other tenants might have been back from xmas so as to know what have become of my pretty chioma. I always see dead people in my dream and my organ have stoped working. I was knocking on her door and her next door neighbour came out with look of surprise on his face. "who are you looking for he asked". "Am looking for chioma, I replied.when was the last time you saw her?. I saw her just a week ago, I said. The whole tenant came out and kept asking me the last time I saw her.i told them its just last week. IT WAS THEN THE TOLD ME THAT THE CHIOMA AM LOOKING FOR, WHO USED TO LIVE IN THIS ROOM THAT AM KNOCKING AT THE DOOR, DIED A YEAR AGO FROM GROUP OF R APIST


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