Biafra: Why should we take up arms for another war? - Archbishop Chukwuma queries

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 THE Archbishop of Enugu Anglican Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma has faulted the decision allegedly made to take up arms in the course of the agitation for Biafra saying the South East is not ready to fight another war, The Sun reports.
He stated this while reacting to a recent statement allegedly made by IPOB. He queried the motive behind the decision and said it was not the best option under the existing circumstances.
According to him “Carry arms for what? Who are they going to fight? That is why I said that sometimes they have to reason and come to their senses to know what they are talking about. It’s not a matter of carrying arms, but carrying arms to do what?
“I want to say that the Igbo don’t want war for now. We have fought a war and we are trying to see that we maintain peace for development. What we want is peaceful coexistence and finding a way to fight our common cause that we’re being cheated and we cannot get it by dialogue, then we can then begin to fight the cause in a way that will help us. But if we are not able to do that, then it becomes a problem.
“For now, nobody will support carrying of arms; against whom? They should be able to explain to us why and whom they intend to carry arms against. Is it justified? So, these are the things we must ask ourselves because Nigeria, as it is now, is in a very serious situation; what is happening in Southern Kaduna should teach us a lesson. Those who carried arms against themselves in Kaduna are they in peace?
“So if we begin to carry arms, we will become another Southern Kaduna in Igbo land, and that will become a disaster. And we don’t want that anymore. They should know that with the situation of things in the country now, people are not interested in war, they are interested in how to make a living, feed their stomach, and get employment.
“And that is exactly what I have been telling the government and politicians that the cause of all these is idleness; if these people get reasonable employment, something that engages them, nobody will carry arms; you carry arms because you are frustrated. So this frustration must end by our people, they should look into how to end the idleness of these people.”
*But in a series of reports IPOB has, as a matter of fact, either in the near or remote past never made an official statement threatening to resort to arms struggle for the restoration of Biafra for all we know*


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