Warning : See The Common 5 Lies About Con dom We Hear

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With the dilapidated state of s'exual knowledge in our country, what has made its way into our lives is a big bunch of myths. Yes, about cond oms, too. We think we know what’s there to an effective protection but don’t make up your mind before you read the following list. The next time you think of letting one slip off when you are not ovulating or you try to be extra cautious by putting on two, remember what we are going to tell you.

Myth 1: No cond om is needed if you’re having oral or an@l se x
Condo ms are not only aimed at preventing pregnancy. They also protect you from STIs. If you are not sure about you or your partner carrying an infection, better be safe now than be sorry later. Co ndoms are important to prevent STIs, especially when there are abrasions on penis or teeth bite.
Myth 2: Con doms don’t expire
 Well, they do! Care enough to read the packet and you’ll see their expiration date. Some may say that using an expired cond om is still better than using no con dom at all but be cautious as this can cause rashes and irritation. The cond om can break easily as it loses its flexibility. Don’t rush into bed before you buy a new pack or try being satisfied with a good hand job. 

Myth 3: Cond oms are uncomfortable and make you less sensitive
Studies have shown that this is not true. Couples have felt as pleasurable with a con dom as they have felt without it. Though some cond oms are designed to delay org asms, this doesn’t mean that they make you less sensitive. Moreover, what’s more uncomfortable is getting an abortion, or treating an STI.
Myth 4: No cond oms are needed if the girl is on a pill
 “Having pills doesn’t prevent STIs and even pills have a failure rate for pregnancy. So, this gives you another precautionary reason to use cond oms.
Myth 5: Two cond oms are safer than one cond om
Just using one con dom correctly is the best way to reduce the risks of an unwanted pregnancy and STIs. In fact, “double bagging” the con doms will cause friction and can cause the cond oms to tear up. Due to friction, they can rupture and leak. So, one should not use two con doms as there are more chances of leakage in case of two cond oms.


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