This Is Soo True!!! See Why the Rich Old Men Will Always Get the Beautiful Girls!

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Bunmi Sofola, in this mind-blowing epistle explains why old rich men will always get the young beautiful ladies. 
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“What is it about middle age men and their libidos?” asked an exasperated  Mariam at a recent chin-wag. In her middle age, she got divorced several years back from a husband she termed a serial adulterer.
She went on: “The other day, I was commiserating with a friend whose portly husband of 28 years had abandoned her—and, apparently, all reason—for a woman his daughter’s age. She is your typical home-maker-loyal, dependable and discreet. 
“She has quietly supported her businessman husband’s career throughout their marriage. How could he have deserted her for a floozy after all those years of love and self-sacrifice? She was naturally bereft….”
The big question is: What turns a typical ‘for-the-baba-ke’ into a fully-fledged, grade-A lothario? “I’ll tell you,” offered Mariam.
“The lustre of his successful career has magically rendered him highly attractive to women. He may not have qualified as a contestant in a Mr. Nigeria contest, but he has a sharp brain and a successful career that sees him rubbing shoulders with the most powerful people in the country. That’s why impressionable young women are attracted to him—they wouldn’t have found him nearly as alluring if he’d been some pen-pushing nonentity earning enough to cater for a small family in a flat! Power and money, as the cliche goes, are potent aphrodisiacs, and when allied to the status of a successful career the mixture is irresistible.”
As the discussion raged, it soon transpired that what got these women virtually boiling with rage was the report of one of their husbands in advanced middle age making an arrant fool of himself. He was spotted by one of their adult children in ridiculously age-inappropriate sportswear, smooching at a disco party with his lissom personal assistant. What on earth was he thinking?
“Certainly not of his poor wife and mother of his four children,” spat Mariam. “But then, we all know that decorum and common sense desert these daft men when they are in the grip of an infatuation with a young vixen in the office. And it happens to men in all walks of life: bankers, lawyers, doctors, accountants—they all seem to fall prey to an office junior—beguiled by their power and desperate to get a career boost—who strokes their balding pate and massages their burgeoning ego.


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