This Guy Thinks His Girlfriend is Occultic: Please Read and Advice Him!

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I am a youth corper serving in Benue State. I met a lady in camp and I asked her out. We hit it off at once and its been 2 weeks now.
Before we headed to our PPA few days ago, I made an attempt to consummate our relationship but she asked me to wait as she feels its too early for us to get down. I expected that and asked her to at-least make out time so we could be spending our nights together so we dont have to be cooking separately as that will help us save cost.
She agreed and she came over Tuesday and we have been together since then. She told me she was an eckist but honestly, i didn’t know what that meant. I didnt know she meant Eckankar.
Ever since i was young, our pastors always prayed against secret societies like Amorc, Ogboni and Eckankar. I grew up being taught that Eckankar is a deadly secret cult. When my new girl said she was Eckist, I didn’t understand she meant the same Eckankar i grew up binding and casting.

On that Tuesday night, as we were about to go to bed, She asked that we pray. She took me outside around 11pm when other have slept and spread our mattress on the front of our lodge. She asked me to sit and hold my hand in a certain way and look up to the heavens and repeat after her. I thought it was some kind of sex game she wanted to play so i played along.
She was repeating the word hum, hum, hum and asked me to repeat after he which i did. the humming continued until i became uncomfortable. I managed to see it through even as she muttered some words i did not understand. When she was through, she asked that we go back inside. i was dazed, i already was nursing an erection so i didn’t understand what she was up to.
We got back inside and she kissed me good night and was dozing even before i could ask her what was happening. I confronted her yesterday morning about the incident of last night. She told me that that is how they meditate before prayer in their church. I was like what church is that that hums before praying, she said she already told me that she is Eckankar.
I froze.
I didnt understand the whole thing. She started telling me that the church is not a cult like people think but i don’t believe her. She said that the humming was a way of spiritually connecting to God through mind travel and that if i was persistent and pure in heart that i would soon start seeing angels. That was all i could take.
I calmly told her that its over and that I cannot continue with the whole relationship. She didnt even say a word further, she just picked up her things and left.
My predicament now is that ever since she left i cant stop thinking about her. I think i am in love with her but i cant allow her ‘occultic’ beliefs around me but i am missing her. I dont know how to handle this situation.


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