Is this How MMM Plans to Frustrate Members – See Evidence

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When some people want something, they want it now, they do not have time to wait or listen to stories. That is the case with some MMM participants at the moment. They just want the money they invested into the Ponzi scheme back.
When the money doubling scheme resumed on Friday, January 13, there was so much jubilation among members as they expected to get help (GH) immediately. But, their expectations were cut short as it was announced that they would be getting their money in batches.
Some members are running out of patience and are in panic mode as they do not understand what is going on. They have been complaining about not getting paid.
Apparently, the scheme has set a maximum withdrawal limit of N31000 for participants, but it is still finding it difficult to pay participants.
One participant, Daniels C Rays, took to the group’s Facebook page to complain about the changes he noticed when he logged into the site.
According to him, his “pending withdrawal” has changed to “confirmed” but he has not received any money.
Meanwhile, in the early hours of Tuesday, January 17, 2017, the Get Help (GH) access of some of the participants was removed.
The GH orders were said to have been removed because of an ongoing upgrade and also because some participants had formed the habit of cancelling and re-ordering their GH for the benefit of interest.
Adaugo Chijioke wrote: “My brother when next you want to post news, please use the exact and correct terms. GH orders were not cancelled but rather HIDDEN probably to avoid participants from cancelling and re-ordering for the benefit of interest. However, this action may as well be because of any technical works on ground. If GH orders were cancelled, your money will return to your mavro without (any pending withdrawal). Please do not become another media agent especially in this group that stop at nothing but creating unnecessary panic or spreading rumour. Take Note.


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