5 Se x questions you will be glad We answered for You

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Often times, we have some questions about se x that we might find uncomfortable to bring up with a doctor. This is evident from the thousands of Internet searches done on a daily basis.

MensFitness has taken five of the most commonly searched questions and have gone straight to the professionals to get the answers.

1. How does viagra work?
Viagra helps blood vessels relax, a critical first step to getting an ere ction. When you get an ere ction, what happens is that you get an increase of blood flow in and a decreased outflow. So, the p enis fills up with blood and makes it longer, wider and harder. Viagra helps with the inflow of the blood.

2. What does testosterone do?
Testosterone acts on a series of different areas of the body to enhance bone development, muscle growth, sexual interest and function. Exercising can spike your testosterone levels but not for long. Though, if you work out, build more muscle and lose weight, your testosterone levels should go up.

3. Why does se x feel good?
There is a high concentration of nerve endings in the pe nis and v agina, which triggers stimulation and org asm. Dopamine is triggered and there is a pleasant feeling in the brain during eja culation. It could also be an evolutionary thing. When we were cavemen with only animal instincts, the fact that se x feels good encouraged us to reproduce to keep the species going.

4. How do you get gonorrhea and chlamydia?
Gonorrhea and chlamydia are both sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by direct and unprotected sexual contact. Both S TDs live in reproductive genital tracts of men and women and can be cured with antibiotics. If both S TDs go untreated, it can lead to systemic infection that will lead to hospitalization for men and infertility in women.

5 Why does se x hurt?
The obvious reason is if the man’s penis is much larger than a woman’s vag ina opening. It is a size mismatch and it will be painful. Prostatitis (an infection and swelling of the prostate gland) can also make s ex uncomfortable. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or are generally unsure of a medical condition, contact your doctor. It is much better to find out exactly what is going on.


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